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Not your typical family, the Smith household consisted of renowned architect and modernist Tony Smith and his daughters, artist Kiki Smith, whose multimedia works have drawn on mythic, folk, and biblical stories, and photographer Seton Smith, known for her large-format Cibachromes of seemingly banal interiors. For the first time, works by all three Smiths appear together, presenting one American family, two generations of the vanguard, three distinct visions, and the exigencies of a range of media.

Publication accompanying exhibition The Smiths at the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art. 

Essays by Gilbert Brownstone, Adrian Dannat, Eleanor Heartney, David Pagel, and Michael Rush

Fort Worth, FL: Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, 2002. 62 color, 2 b&w illustrations, 112 pages. 8 1/2 x 6 3/4 in.

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